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Michele Widdows


What is contained in our recommended Basic Toolkit?
Cutting Mat, 12" Trimmer, Craft Knife, Steel Ruler, Pencil and Eraser, Scissors (both all purpose and fine tipped detail scissors), Paper Piercer (awl), Distressing Tool, Adhesives (being Tape Runner, Wonder Tape, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Glue Dots and Pop Dots or Foam Tape), Neutral inks (black, dark brown and/or charcoal grey).

Any further requirements per class will be issued in the Bring to Class list approximately 1 month before the event.

What will the classes be?
For now we cannot answer this! As soon as we have sneak peeks from Michelle & Tracey we will let you know, so it's definitely a 'watch this space' situation.

However, we have stressed that we like a layouts and mixed media at CAD.

When will we see a Class Schedule?
The class schedule is issued to participants on arrival. It is not required beforehand as by registering for this event you automatically are scheduled to complete all classes.

When do we receive the Bring to Class list?
This will be issued via email and on the Information page of this website approximately 1 month before the event. Also visit this page to see the Basic Toolkit that we expect that ALL participants will carry with them.

How many people will be in each class?
This year we will have a maximum of 60. That may sound a lot, but it is not for these girls! They are all quite used to this size of class and more. There will also be several assistants per room to help out too.

Do I have to book my own accommodation?
This is optional.  You can book direct with the Quest or I am happy to add you to my bookings.

Is Breakfast included in the room rate?
No, this is purchased separately.

What is the Event Dinner?
There is no event dinner this year, however you are welcome to join us in the crop room in the evening to finish off any projects etc.  

What’s happening on Saturday night?

It’s a free night for you all to collect your thoughts, head out for dinner in town or in one of the local establishments, relax at the bar nearby or maybe even continue creating.

Is Lunch on Sunday included?

I do hope this answers your questions? If not, please feel free to email us at info@crafteventsnz.co.nz